Frequently Asked Questions - Wine Wipes

Find answers to the most common questions asked. Easily find all the answers you need about shipping, our products, our company and much more.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Vino Hue Wine Wipes, work immediately, just rip open the individually wrapped wipes and wipe away stains, acids, and residual sugars from your mouth, lips, and teeth.

How Long Will They Last?

Each Vino Hue Wine Wipes is made to be used once then disposed of. Unopened Wine Wipes have an expiry of 24 months.

Are The Wipes Environmentally Friendly?

The wipe itself is bio-degradable and can be flushed down the toilet after use or put into the compost, The Sachet is not bio-degradable so dispose of the packet responsibly.

What Sizes Do The Wipes Come In?

You can purchase a box of 7 individually wrapped wipes or 30 individually wrapped wipes. Sample Packs come with 2 individually wrapped wipes.

Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing?

Yes, we partner with vineyards, bottle stores, restaurants, and other distributors. Contact us at to express your interest in becoming a distributor and/or wholesaler.

Do You Offer Discounted Pricing To Whole- Sellers And Partners?

Yes, we take a tiered approach to discounted pricing for wholesalers, partners and distributors. The discounted pricing is determined by quantity and frequency of orders. Interested persons wanting to become a wholesaler need to complete an application form and be approved before joining our growing partnership network.

Is Vino Hue Planning On Developing Further Products This Year?

Our team are currently in the process of developing a number
of supplementary products for the oral health wine industry. We plan on releasing 4-6 additional products per year as we grow and enter into international markets.

Who Do You Ship Your Products With?

We utilise a number of shipping companies for the distribution and fulfillment of our orders. The shipping company is dependent on domestic or international orders. We are working hard to streamline this process further for our wholesale and partnership network by developing an online platform where our partners can easily log into to place orders and re-order required stock.

Is There Is A Limit How Many Vino Hue Wine Wipes I Can Purchase?

No, we don’t limit how many units our customers can purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity, you can reach out to and one of our team members can assist you with larger orders if required.

Do You Offer Discounts For Larger Orders?

Yes we do, we have a partnership network which is where interested companies and persons can apply to become an official partner and distributor of Vino Hue Wine Wipes and receive wholesale pricing.

If My Order Is Damaged On Arrival, What Do I Do?

Immediately let us know by sending an email to along with a photo of the damage and we will contact you directly.

How Long Will It Take For My Vino Hue Wine Wipes To Arrive If I Live In Australia?

For Australian Residents, our shipping times vary from 1-3 days dependant on what part of Australia you live in.

How Long Will It Take For My Vino Hue Wine Wipes To Arrive If I Live Outside Of Australia?

For International Residents, shipping times can vary from between 7-14 days.