What Are Wine Wipes

What Are Wine Wipes

Wine Wipes are made for wine drinkers, they essentially remove red wine stains from your mouth and teeth after drinking red wine.

Many people like to enjoy a glass of red wine with friends or as an after-dinner drink on the weekend. But, unfortunately, the occasional indulgence in red wine has some consequences. Some stains happen as a result of consuming the whole bottle in one sitting, while other stains might be obtained by wearing that cheap dress to that last party you went to . Regardless of how it happened, anytime you drink any kind of alcohol worth mentioning (wine included), there is bound to be a stain that will require removal before or after consumption. Wine Wipes might be the answer to your wine-stained problems.

What Are Wine Wipes

The main idea behind wine wipes is that they are basically large swabs designed to be used to wipe the mouth and teeth clean of any excess wine residue. This is a relatively new product, having only been available in Australia for a little over 6 months. The packaging states that each wipe can cleanse ten times the amount of your mouth, leaving you with fresh and clean breath and no trace of that bad hangover odor.

How Do Wine Wipes Work?

Wine Wipes are designed to be used right after you drink wine. They are intended to remove all the excess wine residue that remains on your teeth and mouth before it has a chance to stain. They are alcohol-free, pH neutral, sterile and come in a portable package that makes them easy to carry with you wherever you go. All they require is a quick wipe with the wipe over your teeth, lips and gums in order to remove any stains before they have a chance to set in.

What Are People Saying About Wine Wipes?

There are seemingly only two things people have been talking about since Wine Wipe's introduction, the price and their effectiveness. When they first hit the shelves, these wipes were being sold at the relatively high price of $4.50 per unit. Many people thought this price was not justifiable and did not understand why wiping wine off your mouth should cost so much money. Vino Hue's Wipes come in different size packaging, however as an average per wipe cost they range from $1.20-$2.40 dependant on a 7 or 30 pack of individually wrapped wine wipes. Most people who tried them though agreed that the wipes worked exactly as advertised, leaving you completely stain-free and fresh-breathed after drinking wine.

What Do Wine Wipes Claim To Do?

Wine Wipes claim to be able to remove all traces of wine from your mouth after drinking without having to use water, chemicals or a toothbrush and leaving your breath smelling good and feeling fresh. Wipes are larger than typical wipes, as well as having a thicker texture that creates enough friction to generate the suction necessary to remove all traces of wine while still leaving your mouth feeling brand new.

What Do Other People Say About Wine Wipes?

Some people find this product to be a real lifesaver when looking to remove wine stains without having to use a water filled glass or a mouthwash that will inevitably stain your teeth purple. One woman said that after getting home from her friends' house, she used a Wine wipe to cleanse herself of all her lipstick and wine indulgences and left her feeling totally refreshed. She said she had no idea there were products like this on the market and she plans to continue using them after drinking wine.

Wine Wipes: How Do I Get Them?
You can purchase Wine Wipes online at their official website, https://vinohue.com . Check out the pricing details on their site for the best deal available in your area and order as many as you need.

The Founder has stated they will soon be available in store and at various wine cellar doors across the country, starting in Adelaide, SA then Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Canberra and Perth.wine wipes, wine teeth wipes, red wine teeth wipes, red wine wipes, wine wipes for teeth, teeth wipes for red wine

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