How wine opened my eyes and how I became a true wine lover.

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It was Early 2014. It started simple enough, a group of friends at a bar one night, and with it, a blind date, a brief kiss, and a new friend. It was clear to me later that this was part of a larger game she was playing.

I didn't think much of it after that night, but she called the following day and insisted she meet for dinner. I didn't have any idea what she had in store for me, but I wasn't far off.

After dinner, we were back in her place drinking, this time not with Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, but with the good stuff. I'm talking about bold, assertive, in-your-face wines.

She told me later that she wanted to have a more intense, meaningful connection. She said that she had made quite a few discoveries over the years, and when she shared them with friends, many of whom became closer with her friends as a result, they wanted to get closer to her.

One day she was sure, she was going to find the right guy to share it with. That required a risk, because no one she shared it with before did it out of any form of attraction or level of interest.

The wine, on the other hand, that was much, much easier to get.

She told me about the first time she tried it. She said she'd read an article in a magazine about a particular variety that loosened tongues while still being able to taste the flavours.

For my part, I didn't care about the flavour, I cared about the extent I could see the effect. And I was blown away. It wasn't just inhibitions that were loosened, it was also the ability to swear off inhibitions for a few moments.

The effect was profound, nearly religious. And like a religious experience, its intensity was different depending on how deeply you let yourself go into the experience.

After urging me persistently for a few days to do it again, when I started getting it myself, it was like a religious sermon. That one experience changed the way I thought about wine, how I looked at wine and how I felt about wine.

It was like it was filled with some sort of molecule or atom or something, capable of transmitting emotions, but in the form of molecules.

Later, I learned about the role wine played in the origins of religion. In addition to a thirst quencher, it has had a part to play in how humans approach and understand life.

As my friend so enthusiastically did, so I did with others I knew. And the reports came in. It indeed worked wonders as nothing else had.

For now, the details must remain private.

But here's the most important tip I want to pass to you:

Buy a bottle of it, share it with a friend, and enjoy. You'll discover, for yourself, what will happen and how to really enjoy the delicate flavours of red wine and the forever enchanting conversations that follow..

Dare to live life fully.


Nikolai Heaphy-Page

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