Have You Never Noticed??

Have You Never Noticed??
🍷You never noticed? Open your eyes 😳.....here's what happens when you drink red wine....never too late to start looking after your teeth as a wine drinkers.
Everyone has a different oral environment but this is what happens no matter if it shows blatantly or subtlety.
The chromogens and tannins in red wine are attracted and stick to the proteins in your mouth and on your teeth, light, heavy, Mediterranean, Australian, doesn't matter. Any wine made from red grapes (#redskins, #redwine).....which is every red wine ever created :D.
These proteins, tannins and chromogens alongside the residual sugars and acids in wine, go to work and start to damage your teeth.
Here's the good news! Our Wine Wipes remove all of this and protect your oral health. Not only helping you from embarrassing red wine mouth but also damaging wine related decay so that you can focus on what is truly important. Spending time with those who matter and enjoying the moments that remain.
So drink up life with those you love, those you meet and everyone in-between. 
Cheers to that.....I'll be lifting a glass to that and have my wee wine wipes with me  :).

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