3 Tips To Drinking Wine The RIGHT way!

3 Tips To Drinking Wine The RIGHT way!

We love wine. It's one of life's great pleasures, but sometimes the opportunity to share a glass around the table doesn't come up. And if it does, it might be an off-the-shelf bottle. But when we do take that time and indulge in a bottle with friends or a loved one, sometimes all of us are surprised by the different flavours we taste from what we expected. So here are three important tips to drinking wine for those who want to broaden their horizons:

1) Taste before you buy - and try to avoid buying wines based on labels alone as they can be misleading.

2) Don't be afraid of trying wine you've never tried before.

3) Always let the wine linger in your mouth to extract all the flavour profiles.

But before we get to our suggested wine picks, here's three things to remember: the colour of the wine, how it smells and what it tastes like are important indicators that the wine is balanced and has been made in an environmentally sustainable fashion. 

The Corvi Vineyards' Malvasia Veronese is a wine with a history of more than 500 years, it's full of flavour. Not bad for a bottle that was just released in 2017. 

A simpler wine with more weight and complexity. The 2015 vintage from the Dominio delle Riserva Pinot Grigio's grapes could be described as wild, light and interesting; it has cherry flavours with an almost orange peel essence, delivers good acidity and has hints of berries in its finish. 

More recent is the 2017 vintage of Fattoria Zerbina Rosso. With aromas of cherry, raspberry and fig, red fruits and layered with notes of pepper, spice and cocoa; it's deep in colour with a long finish.

Since 1961, the Tormaline Vineyards has been making wine from grapes grown on the soil in the Anderson Valley. The Tormaline Estates Cabernet Sauvignon offers a sweet, spicy aroma with notes of cassis and red berries in its flavour profile; it finishes with hints of vanilla and pepper across its finish. 

Ancient vines and organic farming are the signature of Tormaresca's Oltremare Rosso. This aromatic wine with flavours of ripe cherries, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla is made from Solane D'Orato grapes. https://wineclubs.com/propertier/tormaresca

A fruit-driven wine that is on the lighter end of the spectrum, making it perfect for summer gatherings. The 2014 vintage from the Cumulus Vineyard offers a crisp and dry palate while maintaining its weight; it has flavours of red berries and citrus in its finish, making it enjoyable now and later. 

I loathe purchasing wine based on labels alone, particularly when the wine is not from the country it's associated with. And I usually find it a lot more difficult to get into a wine based on its price tag as well - and this applies whether you're talking about wine bars or bottles. However, there are a few inexpensive wines that I think are worth trying in your first round of sipping, especially if you know that food is going to be involved. Here are three affordable wines that you might like:

1) Navarro Correas Malbec. This Argentine wine is super fruit-forward, with flavours of raspberry and fresh blueberries in its finish. It's not going to blow you away with its complexity but it's a solid summertime sipper and a great value!

2) Inama Vermentino di Sardegna. This is a nice, refreshing white from Italy, with hints of citrus and pear on the palate - but I wouldn't pair it with seafood; instead, I'd have it with roast chicken or pork. Perfect for a warm spring day.

3) Dragonfly Shiraz Grenache (from Australia). This wine has flavours of red fruit, hints of spice and an earthy finish; I'd pair it with a good steak.

But don't take our word for it - try some of these affordable wines yourself! 

With the long weekend upon us, it's time to relax and try some fun new wines with which to woo your significant other (if you have one). 

All of these wines are great for backyard BBQs or relaxing in front of a firepit on those chilly spring evenings - and most of them are reasonably priced to boot!
This Riesling has style which makes buying it very easy.

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